What Is A Subluxation?

SpineYou might be seeing your chiropractor in Jacksonville for back pain following a car accident. Before he begins chiropractic care, he'll need to know the nature of the misalignment. When bones of a joint are knocked out of true, it's called a subluxation. Your doctor at Amazing Spine Care in Jacksonville could possibly get an X-ray of your spine as well as doing a manual exam.

What Is Subluxation?

To a medical doctor, the dislocation of a joint is just that. To a chiropractor, the dislocation or subluxation means something different. When the dislocation is spinal, the nervous system is disrupted.

The spine is a stack of vertebrae much like a child's tower of blocks. Between them are discs acting as shock absorbers. These form joints that can be knocked out of alignment. Fixing this misalignment is the focus of chiropractic care.

When one of the vertebrae is knocked out of true, the ligaments and tendons can either become lax or tighten. Nerves get pinched. Muscles tighten up to protect the spine. The results could be perfectly fine movement in one spinal area and absolutely none in another. Both are serious problems.

What Does It Cause?

When the spinal vertebrae are out of true, it causes a chain reaction in the body. Muscles begin to spasm, weaken, and/or lose tone. When a spinal nerve is pinched, the part of the body it governs becomes painful. The discs could become herniated, torn, or degeneration may begin. Soft tissues could become damaged.

Bone spurs or various growths could fuse abnormal joints in the spine. Scar tissue and a decaying spine could cause other body parts to fail. All this could result from back pain resulting from a car accident.

How Is This Misalignment Treated?

Your chiropractor in Jacksonville will manually or with the help of a machine adjust the area of the subluxation. Strengthening exercises may be prescribed to keep the muscles in the area viable. Diet and restful sleep are also integral to a healthy spine. If you've been in an accident, call Amazing Spine Care at (904) 320-0808 for help.

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