Treat Your Migraines With Chiropractic Care

Did You Know Chiropractic Care Is Available to Effectively Treat Your Migraines

Woman with MigraineAt Amazing Spine Care, we treat many patients who suffer from chronic migraine pain. Before they come to us, most do not even realize that chiropractic care is an effective treatment for headache pain, much less the extreme pain of migraines. Spinal decompression and other chiropractic treatment for migraines is a great way to reduce migraine pain and recurrence for most patients. We serve people in and around Jacksonville with quality chiropractic care.

There are Many Types of Migraines, We Offer Treatment to Get to the Root of Your Pain 

Types of Migraines:

  • Migraine with Aura — This migraine has all the symptoms that one affiliates with a migraine, like intense pain in one half of the head and face, light and sound sensitivity, confusion, bowel disturbances, and word slurring. However, on top of these symptoms, the patient also has to endure a visual disturbance known as an aura. This sometimes appears before the pain, like a blurring with a black spot in the center of the line of sight. 

  • Migraine without Aura — This migraine is the same as a migraine with an aura, all the pain is there, but the patient does not have to deal with the visual disturbances. 

  • Silent Migraine — A "silent" migraine is a migraine with many or all of the symptoms listed above including the aura, but there will be no head pain that is associated with migraines. This may be called an abdominal migraine as well. 

These are the main types of migraines, although there are other subsets depending on where the pain starts and other symptoms. If you have more than 15 days of migraines a month for more than three months your migraines are considered chronic. 

Contact Us to Learn More about Migraine Relief at The Hands of Our Chiropractor

If you have been suffering from any type of head pain and think you may have migraines, schedule your appointment with our chiropractor to find out how we can offer effective pain-relieving care that will both reduce the amount of pain medication needed to manage your migraine symptoms. Call Amazing Spine Care at (904) 320-0808 for your appointment.

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