Diversified Chiropractic Technique in Jacksonville

Like other doctors, chiropractors continually work toward improving the health of their patients. Here at Amazing Spine Care in Jacksonville, it's our objective to maximize the health and functionality of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems of every patient we treat. Our bodies respond to high physical and emotional demands every day, and each of us responds differently to those demands. One thing that we all have in common though is that when we fail to withstand that stress, there is a negative effect on our ability to feel well.

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Our Chiropractors Use a Unique, Diversified Technique

The diversified technique is used by about 97% of all chiropractors in the United States. When using the diversified technique, the objective of our chiropractor is to realign spinal vertebrae and restore movement and range of motion. The diversified technique's signature is high-velocity low amplitude (short) adjustments to targeted misaligned locations of the neck and back. Before employing this technique, the patient's body is positioned in a certain way to maximize the benefits of spinal adjustment.

How This Technique Helps Our Patients

Without the risks of surgery or the dangers of medication, the diversified corrective technique realigns the affected spinal area while eliminating pain and discomfort and interference with the central nervous system. During a series of painless adjustments, patients typically experience a popping sound and a sensation of spinal realignment and progress toward long-term wellness. That's because pain is decreased while mobility and range of motion are increased quickly and efficiently.

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The diversified technique is fundamental to the care and treatment provided by your chiropractor, and it will continue to be used long into the future. If you live in or around Orange Park, and you suffer from headaches, neck, back or joint pain with loss of mobility and range of motion, visit our chiropractor here at Amazing Spine Care for an initial examination, evaluation, and discussion of a personalized treatment plan formulated just for you. Our goal is to reduce or completely eliminate your pain and discomfort and restore your range of motion.

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