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Jacksonville Neck Pain Chiropractor

Call as soon as possible after an incident. The sooner you receive care, the less likely you are to sustain chronic pain or discomfort from a car injury. In Florida, you have 14 days to seek care for your injuries. If you are in pain following an auto accident, sports trauma or work-related incident, we have natural treatments to bring you relief. Chiropractic care in Jacksonville uses a holistic approach.

Back Pain and Headaches Treated by Our Jacksonville Chiropractor

Dr. Khiger offers comprehensive chiropractic care for a wide range of health conditions. This includes lower back pain, headaches, pain in the sciatic nerve, whiplash, wrist pain, arthritis, concussions, fibromyalgia, herniated discs, scoliosis. Chiropractic care focuses primarily on adjustments to the spine and joints. Dr. Khiger offers a complete patient evaluation in order to determine if chiropractic manipulations will benefit you. During the evaluation, he looks for misaligned vertebrae, herniated discs, misaligned joints as well as spinal abnormalities. He can also assess pain in the jaw and arthritis in the spine. Dr. Khiger uses x-rays for assessing your spine’s shape and overall health. After the evaluation, he prepares a long term treatment plan for you.

Visit Dr. Alan Khiger for Numbness in Hands or Legs 

Numbness could be a sign of sciatica. Hip pain or groin pain can also be a sign of arthritis. Gentle chiropractic adjustments set your spine and joints into a pain-free position which lowers inflammation. Healthy eating is also necessary to avoid foods that trigger inflammation, headaches and migraines. Since our goal is to heal you naturally, we show you how small lifestyle changes such as the height of your desktop computer will reduce neck pain and upper back discomfort. Dr. Alan Khiger can educate you on healthier ways to sleep, sit and lift to protect your back and reduce future pain and concerns. 

Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Wrist Pain, and Sports Injuries

Dr. Khiger loves living an active lifestyle! Thus, he knows how pain in the extremities can slow down the fun. If you have pain in your knees, elbows, or ankles, come for a consultation. Muscle and joint pains can be assessed quickly and get you and your children back to playing your favorite activities.

Dr. Alan Khiger
Jacksonville Chiropractor

Amazing Spine Care

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  • Dr.
    Alan Khiger
    Dr. Khiger frees people from pain in Jacksonville, FL. As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Khiger is committed to promoting health and well-being for all.
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Reviews By Our Satisfied Clients

    These people here are amazing. They treat you good and make you feel like family. They answer all my questions I have. I will always come back.

    Shelby Mann

    Staff is great and the chiropractors are thorough. After a year of chronic neck pain, I was finally able to feel some relief just a few visits.

    Hanna Thompson

    Amazing Spine Care is the ONLY place to go! Dr. Plotz, Dr. Khiger, and all of the staff are wonderful, personable people. I was in a car accident and immediately went to the hospital to get myself checked out, waited 2.5 hrs before being seen and was only given some Motrin for my neck pain and was sent home. I came to Amazing Spine Care and they treated me like a human and not just another patient. They made sure to check all the bells and whistles so that I was cared for by what my specific nee

    Lacey Shoener

    Excellent care, excellent staff! Amazing Spine Care lives up to their name. I highly recommend. Everyone is super nice and I always feel amazing after my appointments.

    Rose Ramolete

    Great service great chiropractor highly recommend very accommodating staff. Offer a variety of service. When I started I was in severe lower back pain after I was assigned a regiment it wasn't permanent, it grew with me healing. I never felt like I came here and wasted time. Decompression machine adjustment exercises and therapeutic messages coupled with a great chiropractor is the key. As said earlier highly recommended.

    Sam Bosque

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