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If you have back pain, you're in good company—as many as 80% of people will have it at least once in their lifetime. But an episode of back pain often comes with other symptoms, including arm or leg pain, numbness, and tingling, especially if a spinal nerve root is being compressed somewhere. At Amazing Spine Care, our chiropractor in Jacksonville offers a variety of services to alleviate back pain and related symptoms. One valuable and non-invasive service is known as spinal decompression.

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What is Spinal Decompression?

The type of spinal decompression offered by our chiropractor is completely non-invasive. It involves the use of a specialized motorized table that gently stretches and elongates the spine. There are two main reasons why this is beneficial:

  • The gentle traction force helps relieve nerve roots being compressed by things like misaligned joints, a herniated disc, or a bulging disc.
  • This force also helps an injured disc retract back into normal alignment and heal, thanks to a "negative pressure" environment created by the traction that draws fluids back into the disc.

Alleviate Chronic Back Pain: Conditions Addressed by Spinal Decompression

At Amazing Spine Care, we use spinal decompression to help people get relief from common conditions that cause back pain and leg pain, including:

  • Disc herniation
  • Disc bulge
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbar radiculopathy

As with any modality, there is at least some risk associated with spinal decompression. We do our part to make sure you're an appropriate candidate for the technique, and will provide additional services that will enhance your overall healing.

Your First Visit: What to Expect at Our Jacksonville Chiropractic Clinic

Before receiving any treatment at our clinic, our Jacksonville chiropractor will take you through a patient interview and physical exam to determine your diagnosis and contributing factors. If spinal decompression is deemed appropriate for you, then you'll be shown our traction table and put in a comfortable position. We'll use straps and bolsters to secure you, and then the table will gently elongate and oscillate (move back and forth) in order to stretch your spine.

Most patients report that the treatment feels very relaxing and that their symptoms (especially leg pain) often go away within just one or two sessions. We'll follow up your traction treatment with other services as necessary, including corrective exercises and nutritional counseling.

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