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What’s New at Amazing Spine Care?

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Amazing Spine Care has become a household name for so many in Jacksonville for many different reasons. Not only are we popular for our expert treatments that let people experience relief, restore motor function, and optimize their health, but also for our commitment to continually improving our clinic and services. For this reason, we are excited to announce What’s New at Amazing Spine Care!

Nurse Practitioners Join the Team

You already know that we are the clinic to visit for chiropractic care with a focus on holistic methods. To create an even more holistic approach to care, we are excited to have nurse practitioners on staff. Using their specific expertise, we can now offer new general medicine services.

When you are scheduling back, neck, and spine care at Amazing Spine Care, please feel free to ask about how general medicine services can help, too. A general medical nurse practitioner can see and treat patients of any age and with a variety of health concerns. We aren’t an urgent care center or a full-scale medical clinic, but we can integrate general medicine treatments into your spine care plan to make sure you feel that your health is truly optimized after each visit.

To learn more about our general medicine options thanks to our new nurse practitioners, call (904) 320-0808 now.

Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Amazing Spine Care is also thrilled to announce that we can offer regenerative medicine options. Using stem cell treatments and plasma-rich platelet (PRP) injections, which are administered by our new nurse practitioners, we can provide powerful help if you have been suffering from joint and hand aches and pains.

People who have severe arthritis, have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, and elders aged 70 or older usually benefit the most from regenerative medicine like plasma-rich platelet injections. Please let us know if you have been struggling with fine motor control in your hands and wrists due to arthritis or a similar condition like carpal tunnel. A regenerative medicine treatment added to your chiropractic care plan could be just what you need to restore motor function.

We Hope to See You Soon!

From all of us at Amazing Spine Care, we hope to see you soon if you need help with back, neck, or wrist pain, as well as other issues that limit your mobility or cause daily pain. With our new nurse practitioners and regenerative medicine options, we look forward to helping more people in Jacksonville than ever before. Call (904) 320-0808 or send us a message online to learn more. We offer same-day appointments when available.