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Common Questions About Neck Pain Relief

woman suffering from an intolerable neck pain

Common Questions About Neck Pain Answered by our Jacksonville Chiropractor

At Amazing Spine Care, we don’t want you to suffer one more minute from neck pain. Here are some frequently asked questions our Jacksonville chiropractor receives from patients regarding neck pain.

1. What injuries cause neck pain?

Most often, people injure their necks by turning or twisting injuries that cause a pulled muscle or strained ligament. The pulled muscle can occur quickly, perhaps from lifting something too heavy or twisting too fast. Sports injuries and auto accidents are also common causes of neck pain and neck injuries.

2. Can arthritis cause neck pain?

Neck pain can also be caused by arthritis when the vertebrae impede range of motion and can press on nerves. Sometimes people can have a slipped or herniated disc that is causing the pain.

3. Can my posture affect neck pain?

Absolutely. Because of smart phones, many people hunch over and bend the neck forward for hours throughout the day. Most people at work also hunch forward over the keyboard or strain their necks to look at the computer screen. All of these situations can result in a cervical (neck) spinal injury over time due to poor posture.

4. What are typical neck pain symptoms?

Many people feel a dull ache in the neck, sometimes accompanied by pain that radiates into the arms. Many patients say their neck pain is at its worst first thing in the morning, but better after they get up and move around.

5. Why do I feel worst when I wake up?

During sleep, muscles become stiff and there is decreased blood flow during sleep as well. Sometimes the pain involves a sharp tingling pain or the pins and needles sensation that travels into the body, caused by nerve irritation. Pain also often worsens when people sit for long periods because sitting puts added pressure on the neck and discs.

6. Can a chiropractor help my neck pain?

Chiropractic care provides non-invasive, non-surgical care for your neck pain. Our treatment is designed to correct the underlying spinal problem that is causing your pain. We will evaluate your spine and do a chiropractic adjustment to align vertebrae and discs to promote healing and ease the pain.

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