• Best Doctor's Office
    Best doctor's office I've ever been to. Staff very professional, polite. Wait time under 5 minutes. No rush to set up appointments. Always clean/sanitized. Good location. Knowledgeable staff. Will recommend it to all. Dr. Plotz is a hard-working man that takes his time to make sure you understand everything.

    - Jose

  • Very Attentive & Extremely Friendly
    My family has been seeing Dr. Polk for the past few months and we couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment and the atmosphere of this office. Appointment times are very flexible and they all accommodate to fit our work schedules. We bring our two-year-old to be treated as well and she loves coming here. She actually screams in excitement when we walk through the doors. The staff is very attentive and extremely friendly. Definitely recommend this company.

    - Alex

  • Went There Rolling, Left Walking!
    Everyone there is just awesome. Denice cole, the therapist, will give you the best professional massage ever. I went there rolling, left walking! Also, Johanna the rehab specialist is amazing, she will make sure you do the exercise right. They are all good.

    - Ronaldo

  • Best Price in Town
    I got the most amazing adjustment for the best price in town. I mean I got fully shaken down by Dr. Khiger. He's got the magic hands. My pain level went down to a 2 from an 8. The range of motion in my neck was fully restored and I had more energy when I left the place wow

    - D. S.

  • The Best Chiropractor Office in the City
    It’s the best chiropractic office in the city, all the staff is amazing, Dr. Khiger is a great professional and Johanna is very kind. You are gonna love this place! They have many different locations in the city, and if you need it they send you an Uber to pick you up, also they speak many different languages, you are gonna feel this place like your home.

    - Jaime

  • Highly Recommend
    My husband and I have been coming here for the past 4 years. It has been purely wonderful. Always available appointments. The doctors in the office along with receptionists are just great. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

    - J.W.

  • Encouraging & Motivating
    This is one of the times in my life that I have had the best experience with a team of professionals that truly take pride in encouraging and motivating you to get better. Also, the team makes you a part of the family because to them you are family with a warm welcome. Thank you fam. You all are truly amazing.

    - Mel

  • Explained Every Single Detail

    The best thing that happened to me was to find this place. The first day I walk in there, I couldn’t even sit down. My neck and back were in tremendous pain. I couldn’t take it anymore. What I most like is that they take time to explain every single detail about what’s going on with the x rays and your body. To the point that you completely understand what you have and what you need. I just finished my 10th section treatment and I feel like a brand new person. No neck or lower back pain ... it's incredible. The staff is nice, helpful, and patient. It's a plus that they speak English, Spanish and Russian. 100% recommended!!!!

    - Julio

  • Professional, Enthusiastic & Excellent
    There is more than one way to solve a problem. If you have problems with your spine, this is a real place for spine care. Dr. Khiger is doing an amazing job without using drugs, surgery, or injections. He is very professional, enthusiastic and excellent. The entire staff is very friendly. Thank you Dr. Khiger and the staff for helping me to improve my life! You are awesome! I will strongly recommend it to everybody.

    - Richard

  • 5-Star Treatment
    My experience with the doctor and staff was wonderful and you get 5-star treatment. The doctors at Amazing Spine Care give you the best treatment and care about you the patient. They show you unconditional love and care. I recommend this facility to all who require the best treatment for their injuries.

    - Minnie

  • Make the Pain Ease
    I came to Amazing spine with a previous injury in my neck that sent pain in my right arm, Dr. Khiger did an exam of my exrays and my neck and came up with a plan for adjustment, he pinpointed where the problem was and told me how he will make the pain ease, the very first adjustment was instant relief, I am feeling much better now and highly recommend him to anyone, Thank you Dr. Khiger and the staff of amazing spine care.

    - Greg

  • Fantastic Job & Very Accommodating
    This place is the best run office I've ever seen. No matter how many patients are there when I walk in the door I never have a long wait. I always get first-class treatment and attention and I always walk out feeling better than I came there feeling. Every staff member does a fantastic job and they're always very accommodating.

    - Brian

  • The Entire Staff Are Amazing
    Amazing Spine Care! The perfect name since it really is "Amazing". Dr. Kigher and the entire staff are amazing. When I first went, I could barely get around. (Neck, lower back, groin, and knee pain) This was hard for me as I'm very active and work long hours. Since starting my treatments, (including decompression), I feel like a brand new person! The entire staff is friendly and caring. I am recommending Amazing Spine care to everyone!

    - Dianna

  • Convenient & Affordable

    I had been suffering from right knee pain for over 2 months. I did not have health insurance. I went to a PCP and received pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds but after they finished I still had pain. I purchased a cane to walk. I finally had I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Khiger at Amazing Spine and received several adjustments and physical therapy. I am happy to say my cane is away and I am walking. Visits to Westside were convenient and affordable.

    - Elizabeth

  • Best Decision I Ever Made
    I have always been cynical of chiropractors and have never previously used one but my back was hurting so much that I was desperate. This was the best decision I ever made. My back feels soooo much better and I will never doubt again. Amazing Spine Care has been great!

    - Maxine

  • Answer to My Prayers
    Dr. Khiger is a blessing from God! For a year now I have been suffering from cervical and upper back pain from an automobile accident I had 1 year ago until I met Dr. Khiger an answer to my prayers for health and wellness. If you suffer from any pain that will not go away with pills or time, you need Dr. Khiger hands down! You will not regret it! Thanks, Dr. Khiger!

    - Tommy

  • I'm Happier Than I Have Been
    I consider myself very fortunate to have found someone to help me after suffering a year. I went to numerous specialists that were not able to help me. Dr. Khiger reviewed my records and came up with a brilliant strategy to help with my multiple symptoms. I had hope and now I have relief in just a few weeks. I'm happier than I have been in a while, and it because Dr. Khiger has helped me so much! He is very patient and caring! I highly recommend Dr. Khiger! Dr. Khiger and his staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable!

    - Kimberly

  • Amazing at Identifying the Problem
    Dr. Khiger and Plotz are amazing at identifying the problem and getting you back to your old self, never had much faith in the chiropractic method until coming to Amazing Spine Care. The doctors and staff are very friendly and professional, Denisse and Irena make you feel comfortable from your first day and go out of their way to help you along in treatment. ..always a pleasant experience.

    - James

  • Dr. Khiger is Your Answer
    Dr. Khiger is amazing. I can explain to him where it hurts and he can fix it. I do CrossFit at the age of 54 and Dr. Khiger helps me to keep my body moving correctly. If you need a Chiropractor, Dr. Khiger is your answer.

    - Sue

  • I Feel Great
    Totally recommend Dr. Khiger! I went to multiple doctors with no relief. Now, in just a short time with Dr. Khiger, I feel great, pain-free, and have resumed all physical activities!!! Dr. Khiger and his staff are wonderful! Don't waste your time or money going anywhere else!

    - Scott